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Economic Development Services

Quest provides economic development consulting services to state and local economic development organizations as well as utility providers, developers, and private landowners across the country. Leveraging our site selection experience allows Quest to bring a relevant perspective to our economic development clients.

One key area of economic development services is centered around property analysis. Our site analysis services include:

Property Portfolio Assessment

Evaluates a community’s available (and potentially available) properties’ strengths and weaknesses to identify any product inadequacies and help prioritize properties.

Quick Assess

Allows for a high-level review of a property before large amounts of time, effort, and money is spent on developing the property and/or pursuing evaluation and certification.


Identifies strengths and weaknesses of a property while reviewing an array of factors such as ownership/control, zoning, transportation, and utilities. During an evaluation, Quest will inspect the proposed property, including reviewing any due diligence performed and conducting a site visit.


Delves into the property in much more detail by requiring engineered plans, environmental studies, etc. Once the applicant has completed all the certification requirements, Quest certifies that the property is ready for development, enhancing the marketability of the site, and improving the community’s inventory of industrial properties.


Develop construction estimates for layouts customized for each property utilizing Quest’s strategic partner’s (O’Neal Inc.) proprietary SCOPE technology.

Site-Specific Workforce Analysis

Provides detailed characteristics of the current and future workforce, informing current and future prospect’s comprehensive evaluation of the site.

Other Services:

RFI and/or Site Visit Report Card

Provides feedback on team’s performance with completing RFI and/or site visit.


Available for economic development staff or their partners on a number of topics such as general practices do’s and don’ts or completing RFIs.

Speaking and Presentations

Quest staff is available to speak on a variety of topics and can customize presentations to your audience’s needs.

"The certification process certainly has made us very aware of why having a site certified is so valuable. Just having all of this done ahead of time is immensely valuable to a company looking to locate a new facility. It has provided us with an enormous amount of information about the site that just looks like any other farm field!"

Shawn Simonsen, Cherokee Area Economic Development Corporation, Cherokee, Iowa
Participated in the Iowa Economic Development Authority’s Certification Program