Site Selection Services

Quest provides site selection services for companies that are seeking a new location, a competitive expansion, or a consolidation.

Industrial and large office users are generally the clients that are best served by Quest, and our experience covers a wide array of industries. We can take a project through our proven process starting with feasibility analysis all the way to incentive capture. We can also provide specific services to clients at different points in the site selection process. Quest’s consulting process enables the client to make a defendable, informed site selection decision while maintaining strict project confidentiality.

Quest takes pride in providing a thorough, detailed analysis for our clients. Our process includes four key phases:



Define the project and criteria.



Evaluate the proposed locations on a variety of factors including physical attributes and operating conditions.



Negotiate customized incentives packages for finalist locations.



Complete documentation regarding the real estate transaction and incentives support and help client understand ongoing compliance obligations for company.

Throughout these four phases, Quest contemplates a variety of information, including, but not limited to, property suitability (greenfield and existing buildings), utilities, transportation/logistics, workforce availability and suitability, training, education, financial climate, quality of life, and incentives.

Work Force Analysis

Availability of a skilled workforce is a key driver in any site selection project. Quest compiles secondary data from a variety of resources while gathering primary data, such as existing industry labor interviews, directly from prospective project locations. Quest works strategically with clients to identify workforce needs and evaluate how prospective locations measure up against the criteria. This allows clients to identify potential workforce strengths and concerns at competing locations.

Incentive Negotiations and Cost Comparison

Incentives negotiations are critical for any project but should not be the sole driver of the site selection process. Quest will work with the client to create effective partnerships with the local and state authorities, as well as organizations such as utility providers, to best capture both statutory and discretionary incentive support that may be available. Capitalizing on Quest’s incentive negotiations experience will enable the client to utilize incentive tools that they may have not otherwise been aware of. The incentives negotiation process is tedious and requires an experienced professional team to successfully navigate.

Quest can customize our scope of services to fit a client’s site selection needs and is willing to work with any of the client’s preferred third-party partners throughout the process such as engineering firms, environmental permitting consultants, legal support, etc.